The Culture Cru

The Culture Cru is a training and organization development company designed to equip business leaders with tools to overcome organizational culture challenges through psychology driven training programs.

When you work with The Culture Cru, you gain access to a team of experts committed to decreasing burnout, elevating emotional intelligence, improving morale, and prioritizing trust to create a healthier work culture.


Alycia Huston mentors senior leaders and leadership teams as they achieve sustainable business growth by leading in a new way.

Alycia Huston is a certified NeuroLeadership coach, consultant, and international speaker. She honed her craft as a female biotech founder in San Diego, and after a decade of implementing growth strategies and leading a high-performance culture, sold the venture in 2014. She now incorporates her 20+ years of experience in neuroscience, communication, and empathy to develop, restructure and support business owners, companies, and corporations in developing a culture of belonging through her company, The Culture Cru. She is skilled in business management, including starting new businesses, acquisitions, and consulting with existing businesses.
Ms. Huston is a results-driven professional with over 20 years of functional expertise in strategic planning and business operations management. She has a demonstrated track record of driving revenue growth by identifying and transforming clients’ business needs into valued solutions.

Joy Sherrill, BSBM, MBA Fin

Workplace Wellness Expert

Ms. Sherrill’s Focus on Holistic Health and Wellness resides specifically within the corporate environment. She understands that the rigors of high expectations have the propensity to create stressed-out professionals.

She supports them in reclaiming themselves from burnout, overwhelm, and emotional distress. Providing coping skills to navigate day-to-day workplace and in today’s world.

Paddy Moran

Resilience Expert

Paddy is a Neuro Coach and is driven by a passion to help leaders & teams to perform at their best and to build resilient teams and organizations. Paddy believes that by creating trusting and psychologically safe workplaces we encourage our teams to bring their “whole selves” to work so they can do their best work.

Dr. Sharon Adams

Communication Expert

Dr. Sharon Adams has over 20 years of experience in higher education serving as a Counselor and as a Dean of Student Services, where she has developed a particular interest in the implementation of forgiveness and reconciliation models in work environments.

Her training entitled Organizational Forgiveness, is based on years of national and international research.

Jim Pacey

Emotional Intelligence Expert

Jim utilizes Executive/professional coaching to improve professional skills, including understanding and managing self and understanding and appreciating others. He is clear that asking the right questions unlocks what each individual already knows.

He applies his background in Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience, habits, routines and significant practical experience.