September 27th – October 2nd, 2023

An ALCHEMY of sisterhood, celebration, support and insights to help you expand into your born PURPOSE.

You have the power to change the world with your unique gifts. Discover life tools and sisterhood necessary to expand to the next level.

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noun: ethos

    1. the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.

Ethos is a safe space, exclusive space for professional women to connect, grow, and build with like- minded women leaders. This global community is dedicated to two three key outcomes: Solidifying Sisterhood, Accelerating Personal and Professional Success.

In our signature six-day leadership retreat, is where we create space for inspiration, ideas and brilliance that can only flourish when leaders step away from the normal routine.

September 2023

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Your vision should scare you… a little.

It is an insight into the next level of who you are.

Vision is not a strategy, it is beyond what you can see.


Trust the path, not your Potential.

Trust takes understanding that you are more committed to your character than your career. 

Developing and curating everything within your heart so that you are ready.


With courage, you discover that there are various options for you to step into.

Only with courage are you able to take the required action.  This is true self-awareness.


You are perfect workmanship just the way you are.

Performance is poison.

Owning the yes of what you know to be true and courageously operating in that space of purpose even when others don’t agree.


Embracing you. Self honoring.

You possess the intellect to be true to yourself. When you understand that your flawed self is absolute perfection, you are fully capable to bring forth your unique gifts.


TJ Halsey


I have been with the amazing Alycia Houston for several, several years. I was formally a speaker at her Transcend conferences, and I’ve been with her in Dallas, in Arlington, in San Diego. Now we’re in Florida and next year you don’t wanna miss it. We are going to be in the amazing Caribbean of Antigua.

What matters is the transformation. The women that we are going to be around these phenoms, these powerhouse business owners, multi-million dollar earners, and so much yummy goodness. So I just wanted to do this quick,  hello to everyone. Just to let you know what an amazing experience this has been for me and the relationships are priceless.



  • You want to build relationships with other high-powered women that will support your successes.
  • You are ready to learn how to lead from your own truth.
  • You are ready to uncover who you really are, who you’re meant to serve, and tap into your unique gifts.
  • You’re tired of sitting on the sidelines watching other experts succeed in an industry you know like the back of your hand.
  • You are ready to discover how you’ll disrupt the industry and create massive impact.
  • You would like a clear plan to reach your next level of leadership.
  • You have a million and one ideas that’s stopping you from getting started.
  • You refuse to play small another year with the vision that God has given you.


Day 1
Evening Welcome Reception

Day 2
Gather at 10am
Day end at 3pm

Day 3

Day 4
Gather at 10am
Day end at 3pm

Day 5
Colorful Culmination Brunch

Day 6


What We Cover

  • 5 Nights of Accommodation
  • (1) 60 Minute Spa Experience
  • Ethos Retreat Experience
  • Business/Career Mastermind Session
  • Expert Luminaries

What You Cover

  • Airfare
  • Spending money for incidentals



All inclusive beach front resort

*Location shared upon registration

Here’s what we know to be true…

Success is not built in a silo.
You need to be surrounded with a supportive community
that celebrates all of you.


Melissa Brown


I’m Melissa Brown, and what a fabulous weekend we’ve had here at ETHOS in Fort Lauderdale with our illustrious host, Alycia Houston. I made it my business to be here this weekend, especially as the soul love coach. I do emotional work with women and even though I do emotional work, I need my own space to be seen, to be heard, to be challenged, to be expanded,and that’s what ethos is. 

It’s a culture. It’s a culture of safety. It’s a culture of elevation. It is a place where women with big hearts and big ideas can come into a room and really just be supported in the visions that God has given them. It’s not your typical conference.

It is just such a wonderful synergy with women. All over the country, even the world, even we’ve had a few folks come from Europe. I’m just so glad to have been here. I’m looking forward to 2023 in Antigua and I just know it’s gonna be fabulous.

The Investment

$9,500 $8,000

This retreat is limited to 30 powerful women leaders.

In order for Ethos to be a safe space that allows our attendees the space and grace to expand into their next level each attendee must apply and complete a 10 min interview with a member of the team.

Hear from past attendees




Hi, I’m Alycia Huston!

One thing you’ll notice about me, she never meets a stranger. With her warm spirit and curios mind she loves listening to others as she gleans new insights into who they are. It’s because of these attributes Alycia credits her success in business with cofounding and selling her previous biopharma company, while now operating a successful business in the realm of Organizational Leadership. We all know it’s not easy to run a business by yourself, let alone with other partners. and employees.


Alycia dancing with the crowd

I PROMISE you, that I will show up 100%. I will hide nothing. I will hold nothing back. I will give you the the powerful, impactful, life-changing weekend that you need to finally change the world.

But I need you to promise me something, too. I need you to show up 100%. Be completely vulnerable, teachable, and ready to TAKE ACTION.

The biggest difference between women who succeed and women who remain in the same place is their faith & commitment level. I need 100% faith & commitment from you.

Let’s change the world together.

Alycia Huston


Barbara Fennell


Hey everybody, this is Barbara Fennell. You know what? I’ve been attending Transcend with Miss Alicia Houston for three years now. I actually started in 2019 and it blew my mind. I was like on Cloud nine for a month. Just transcend, transcended me to say, this is what I need. I need more of this.

And then year two came around. Blew my mind again. I am learning so much about myself, about being a business owner and how the spirit and community of the crew has helped me to be able to do the things that I do for my business. I mean, these ladies are phenomenal. Our leader Miss Alycia Houston there is no one else like her. 

She sows into us. She’s not selfish. We love on each other. We know what our weaknesses are, our strengths. We’re not judgemental. We just come here for the best of the best of women in business and to get what we need so that we can help you, our customers, our clients, our friends in our lives, and our spaces.

Now, let me tell you about this one in Fort Lauderdale, though, okay? This one for 2022, off the chain. I mean, I came with a heavy load. I really did, but I look at me, I’m not a heavy load right now. You can see I’m not ,nothing heavy about this load right now because I actually was sowed into from where I was.

No judgements. Everything that I needed was right here. I’m leaving with a whole nother vibe. I know I can make it. I know I have a sisterhood right here, and it’s all because of this whole thing that Alycia has conceived through the Holy Spirit that she shares with. And now we can be the best women that we can be in business.

And  I wouldn’t miss it. I’m thinking about the next one coming up. Can’t miss it for the world.


Can I bring my partner?

No. Partners are not allowed.  Ethos is space to connect with other like-minded women.  I invite you to take this time to focus on yourself and what you need to get to your next level.

How will I get to and from the airport?

Transportation will be provided and coordinated closer to the event date.

Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

No.  You were accepted to attend Ethos and be part of a curated room.  To protect the safe space we do not allow transfers.

What else should I be aware of?

A valid passport will be required along with your return ticket showing your exit out of Antigua.

How will I stay connected prior to and after the retreat?

There’s power in the community and we cannot wait to welcome you into our Ethos Facebook community. In this community, you will get to know and befriend many who have already attended an Ethos Retreat and meet many who will soon be in attendance. Your official invite to join the Facebook group will be sent to you in your introduction email.

We will also have a couple of pre-retreat connection calls as a group to get to know each other, share what we are excited about, courageously share our reservations and walk through some helpful retreat logistics.

I have more questions - who can I contact?