How can we be of Service?

We work in partnership with you and the leaders of your business to identify and
analyze trends which may be hindering your organization’s performance.
Through psychology driven training, workshops, coaching programs and
leadership retreats we equip you with tools for implementing innovative
organizational development and management solutions.

What our clients say:


Small Business

Having the idea is one thing. Putting ideas into action and getting results is where most small businesses need the support.

Our expert team works with small businesses leaders to develop and implement an organizational plan.

You will meet with a Culture Cru expert to better understand the project, your goals, and challenges.

We will then work together over a period of time to complete the project.



Business Leader

One time workshop for up to 40 employees.

Our workshops are curated at an individual level according to an organization’s goals and can be customized to include group coaching or retreats in addition to workshop sessions.

Workshop topics include:

  1. Cultivating Workplace Wellness
  2. Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  3. Best Practices for Leading Remote Teams
  4. Challenging Chats
  5. Building Your Leadership Coaching Skills
  6. Resilience in the Midst of Change


Business Leader

3 sessions:

Gain clarity around a
short-term leadership
question or challenge.


  • 3 – 50 minute virtual coaching sessions
6 sessions:

Focus on complex
leadership challenges
such as leading a new
team or career transition.


  • Professional Assessment
  • 6 – 50 minute virtual coaching sessions
  • Personalized Plan for next steps
9 sessions:

Transform and advance your
leadership capabilities
to create a lasting impact


  • Professional Assessment
  • 6 – 50 minute virtual coaching sessions
  • Personalized Plan (PP) for Next Steps
  • Support with PP execution


Full Day
Leadership Retreat

Leadership retreats consist of our team of experienced facilitators who provide full supportive tools and immersive training for employees in a 6 hour hands on engagement.

All retreats are customized to support the organizational goals and outcomes.